Manchester local elections 2022: how to vote in person, by post, or by proxy - and deadline to register

Every vote counts today

The local elections are today, with 10 councils having a local election in Greater Manchester.

Labour have had political control of Manchester since 1973, and will be looking to strengthen their hold on the city with the upcoming local elections.

Not much changed in 2018 in Manchester, when all 96 seats were available. The only notable change was that the Liberal Democrats gained a second seat in Didsbury West.

With every vote crucial in the election, here’s how to vote in person and more.

When are the local elections?

The date for the next local election in Manchester is today, Thursday, 5 May 2022.

Polling stations in the area will open at 7am, closing at 10pm.

How do I vote in person?

Voting usually takes place in a public building such as a town hall or a certain area of a school.

Just prior to the election, you will be sent a polling card. The card will have information such as when to vote, and details on the location of the polling station where you will vote.

When you arrive at the polling station, give your name and address to the staff inside, after which you will be given a ballot paper, which contains a list of the people, parties or other options you can vote for.

In England, you do not have to provide identification upon arrival.

How do I vote by post?

You have to apply for a postal ballot if you want to vote via post, citing reasons such as you’re away from home or you’re abroad and want to still vote.

Postal vote deadlines for the upcoming local elections have now passed, and if you still can’t make it to a polling station, you must apply to vote by proxy.

If you do vote via post, you must make sure that you mark your vote in secret, ideally with no one else in your proximity, that you fill in the postal voting statement, put the ballot and statement in the envelope provided and seal the envelope securely, by yourself.

It is important that you send your postal vote off as soon as possible.

How do I vote by proxy?

A proxy is where you ask someone to vote on your behalf if you are unable to vote for yourself on the day.

Applications for a proxy vote are in paper form, and once completed will need to be sent to your local electoral registration office.

It is advised that the person you nominate is someone that you trust, such as a close friend or a family member.

As well as that, a proxy must be registered to vote, are allowed to vote in the type of election coming up, and can vote in the polling station stated on the poll card.

You can only apply by proxy if you meet one of the following criteria, which includes:

  • Being away on polling day.
  • Having a medical issue or disability.
  • Not being able to vote due to work commitments. 

The deadline to vote via proxy is now over, as it was by 5pm on Tuesday, 26 April.

You can apply for an emergency proxy, with the deadline for that being 5pm and the day of the election.

A form to vote via emergency proxy can be found on the official government website.