Where to get a monkeypox vaccine in Manchester and who is eligible for a jab

Here’s how to get a monkeypox vaccine this month in Greater Manchester and how to know if you are eligible

Monkeypox vaccine clinics will be running in Greater Manchester over the next two weeks.

The first one will take place on Tuesday 20 September, between 10am and 7pm, at the Orange Rooms in Ashton-under-Lyne, with more to be announced

The vaccine will only be available to eligible individuals. This includes gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men at high-risk of getting monkeypox – for example, people who participate in group sex, have multiple partners, attend ‘sex on premises’ venues, those with a recent bacterial sexually transmitted infection and those eligible for PREP.

It is also available for anyone who has recently had close contact with someone who has monkeypox and healthcare workers caring or about to care for someone with the virus.

The NHS announced in July that it was stepping up its vaccination programme against monkeypox in London

People who have visited one of the following Greater Manchester healthcare providers will also be eligible:


  • Bolton NHS Foundation Trust – Bolton Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Shine Sexual Health Service (Salford)
  • HCRG – Nye Bevan House, Croft Shifa Health Centre, Middleton Health Centre, Heywood Clinic (all Rochdale); Oldham Integrated Care Centre, Glodwick Primary Care Centre, Royton Health and Wellbeing Centre, Failsworth Primary Care Centre (all Oldham); Bury Townside Primary Care Centre and Radcliffe Primary Care Centre
  • Locala – The Choices Centre (Stockport) and The Orange Rooms (Tameside)
  • The Northern  – in Manchester at the Hathersage Centre, North Manchester General Hospital, Withington Community Hospital, or the Trafford Sexual Health Service (Trafford and Urmston clinics)
  • Spectrum Community Health CIC (Wigan)
  • The Docs (Manchester)

There are no walk-in slots available. Appointments must be made in advance using the online booking form.

How is monkeypox transmitted?

The virus is passed from person to person after contact with the scabs or blisters of someone with monkeypox.

This can occur through sexual contact, kissing, cuddling, touching bedding, towels, clothing of someone with monkeypox, or through the coughs and sneezes of someone with monkeypox.

A healthcare worker prepares to administer a Monkeypox vaccine in Florida, USA (Pic: Getty Images)


How to stay safe

It’s advisable to wash your hands regularly or use alcohol-based sanitizers.

Being honest with sexual partners also helps and being aware of the symptoms. They usually take two-three weeks to develop, so check yourself regularly.

Make sure to swap numbers with the people you sleep with, so they can inform you if they have symptoms and vice versa.

If you think you have symptoms, cease sexual activity, including kissing, until you have seen a doctor.

People recovering from monkeypox must also use condoms for 12 weeks after as a precaution.


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