Where can I get the cheapest petrol and diesel in Manchester today as RAC lobbies for ‘fair prices’ & tax help

We take a look at the cheapest places to buy petrol and diesel in Greater Manchester as the RAC accuses bigger retailers of not passing on savings.

Motoring group the RAC is calling for the Government to act on fuel costs after a study suggested it does less than most European countries to help ease the burden from steep prices at the pumps.

The 5p per litre tax reduction implemented by the UK in March pales beside similar schemes in Germany (25.1p per litre), Italy (21.2p per litre), Portugal (16.2p per litre), the Netherlands (14.7p per litre) and Ireland (14.5p per litre).

And the RAC found only a small handful of stations in Manchester are charging what it deems to be a ‘fair price’ at the pumps. They have accused bigger retailers of failing to reduce petrol prices in line with falling wholesale costs.

With that in mind, we look at some of the cheapest places to buy petrol and diesel in Greater Manchester today (Thursday 11 August) with the help of data from PetrolPrices.com

Refuelling at the moment is expensive, but some petrol stations are selling fuel for cheaper than others.

1. Costco Manchester Automat, Trader Avenue, M41 7ZA: petrol 159.7p; diesel 173.7p

2. Briscoe Lane service station, M40 2TH: petrol 167.8p; diesel 180.9p

3. BP Wellington Road, M30 0NP: petrol 168.9p; diesel 178.9p

4. Broughton Lane Texaco, M8 9UE: petrol 169.7p; diesel 179.7p

5. Morrisons Eccles, Irwell Place, M30 0FH: petrol 169.7p; diesel 179.7p

Both victims had been at Tesco Extra in Wigan

6. Gulf Unique Enterprises, Waterloo Road, M8 8GJ: petrol 169.9p; diesel 187.9p

7. Castle Irwell service station, Cromwell Road, M6 6DA: petrol 169.9p; diesel 179.9p

8. Salford Shell service station, Cromwell Road, M6 6SX: petrol 169.9p; diesel 182.9p

9. Shell Failsworth, Oldham Road, M35 0BR: petrol 169.9p; diesel 181.9p

10. St Annes Service Station, Ashton Old Road, M11 1GR: petrol 169.9p; diesel 179.9p

* Prices correct at time of publication but are subject to change.