When are Manchester bin collections on Queen’s funeral bank holiday - plus recycling centres & leisure centres

Here’s what we know about disruption to council services during the Queen’s funeral bank holiday.

A bank holiday has been declared for the Queen’s funeral on Monday 19 September to allow people to pay their final respects to the late monarch.

Many businesses and shops will be closed for the day and there will be some disruptions to services, including bin collections.

Supermarkets have already confirmed their opening hours - here we look at essential public services.

Bins & Recycling

Manchester City Council have said that there will be no bin collections after 11am on Monday to “prevent disruptions to people watching the Queen’s funeral,” which starts at that time.

Brown mixed recycling will be collected as normal, so will the grey/black general waste bins.

To ensure they are collected, they must be put out before 6am on Monday.

Green bins will not be collected on Monday. They will instead be emptied on Friday 24 September.

Incinerators cause carbon emissions and consume waste that could have otherwise been recycled (Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Recycling centres are likely to remain open.

Sandfold Lane Recycling Centre in Longsight and Reliance St Recycling Centre will be open.

Leisure Centres

Leisure centres that are run by MCRactive and overseen Manchester City Council will also be closed, with normal services resuming on Tuesday 20 September.

A full list of the affected leisure centres can be found on the council website.

What else will be shut?

Elsewhere, most large supermarkets will be shut, with some smaller stores and petrol stations running on reduced hours.

Public transport in Manchester will also be affected. The Metrolink and buses will be operating on Sunday Service hours.

The funeral service itself takes place at 11am on Monday 19 September. There will be public screens in Manchester city centre where people will be able to gather and watch.