Will it snow in Manchester in November? How cold will it get? Here’s what the experts are saying

Manchester will turn bitterly cold over the next 10 days but will there be snow - this is what the experts say.

Weather experts are predicting a bitterly cold end to November in Manchester when temperatures are set to drop below -2°C.

Mid to long-range weather forecasts can change within a matter of hours however according to weather service WXCharts, it’s possible Manchester could see some snow before the end of the month.

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Snowfall is not yet forecast for Manchester however it will not be far away because in the final week of November there will be snowfall moving eastwards from Yorkshire.

WXCharts is forecasting snowfall near Manchester on Monday November 22.

The snowfall, should it materialise, will not be sustained but the temperatures will remain bitterly cold at -4°C in higher up areas.

The purple coloured sections on the chart denote where weather experts expect snow to fall later this month.

UK long range weather forecast

Monday November 15 - Wednesday November 24

Remaining changeable and autumnal particularly to the north through the start of this period as low-pressure systems dominate, sometimes accompanied by rain and strong winds.

Elsewhere while rain is possible at times, drier and brighter conditions are more likely in the south and southeast regions, although some rain will likely reach even here at times.

Morning fog patches are also possible in these regions during this period.

A rather cold start to the period will likely be followed by a brief recovery in temperatures, before possible trend down later on in the month.

This would bring an increasing chance of some wintry conditions, mainly over the higher ground in the north, but with a slight risk to lower levels.

North West England weather forecast

November 11 to November 15


Friday will be a windier day with a chance of showers at times, these heaviest in the west. Some bright or sunny intervals are also possible and staying fairly mild. Maximum temperature 13 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Largely dry and cloudy over the weekend, with some sunshine at times and remaining fairly mild. Staying similar on Monday but feeling a little colder.

(Source: The Met Office)