Which part of Greater Manchester is most likely to see a white Christmas according to weather data?

Researchers have crunched figures from weather stations from Christmases gone by and come up with their predictions.

It is one of the most asked questions on Google this week - ‘will we have a white Christmas?’ has been trending in Manchester.

Bookmakers continually update their odds - but one researcher has looked back at daily climate observation data from 2001-2020, gathered from CEDA Archive which provides a range of weather data supplied by the Met Office to come up with their best estimate.

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And Stockport has appeared in a list of the top 10 locations in the UK most likely to have a white Christmas this year using those figures.

The data, which was commissioned by NoDepositDaddy.com, shows the percentage probability of there being snowfall in districts across the country.

Stockport came out tenth in the list, while seven locations in their top 10 list are located in Scotland.

The two other locations in England are also in the north, with Craven coming in at eighth (with an 80.76 % possibility) and Pendle being named fourth.

The overall most likely location to get a white Christmas was is Moray in Scotland.

What constitutes a White Christmas?

According to the Met Office, the definition of a White Christmas is when one snowflake is to be observed falling within the 24 hours of 25th December anywhere in the UK.

This probability is calculated based on previous years’ results, and this can vary based on it’s spatial range.

Many book makers have released odds of a white Christmas in cities across the UK, with William Hill giving odds of  6/1 for snow in Manchester on Christmas day.