Weather in Manchester: 5 day Met Office forecast for today and the weekend - breezy with a chance of rain

While some parts of the UK look set for a mini heatwave, it is unlikely to be felt in the northern regions of England

Manchester can expect changeable weather over the weekend of 13-15 August.

Despite reports of a mini heatwave in some parts of the UK, it is unlikely to be felt in the northern regions of England and Scotland over the next five days.

The forecast for the weekend offers some encouragement for Manchester locals hoping to spend time with friends and family outside - but be warned it could change quickly.

Here’s the 5 day weather forecast from the Met Office.

What is the weather forecast for Manchester?

The rain from midweek will clear with the chance of a few patches of fog over high ground in the early hours of the morning on Thursday.

A cool start to the day will soon be replaced with plenty of sunny spells and a largely fine day, turning slightly cloudy in the afternoon with maximum temperatures of 22C.

Expect breezy conditions leading up to the weekend, with Saturday and Sunday mainly dry with some bright spells once the morning cloud has dispersed.

It will be cloudier on Sunday with a chance of rain and temperatures remaining consistent around 18C - with next to no chance of the predicted heatwave reaching Manchester.

5 day UK weather forecast

The South East will see the best of the weather, but temperatures will not rise to those experienced during the July heatwave.

While England is due to enjoy a short break from the dreary weather of the past week, Scotland and the North of England should still expect wet and thundery conditions.

The change in weather is down to a hot band of weather moving across the south and south east of England. The north could see highs of 22C, but this will be interrupted by spells of rain.

Meteorologist Matt Taylor said temperatures should begin to “creep up” bringing drier weather and longer sunny spells for most parts of England.

He said: “Temperatures should be closer to where they should be at this time of year with one or two areas seeing 25 or 26 degrees possibly."

Long range weather forecast

Forecasters have predicted the rain to return by the beginning of next week, as August proves to be wetter than average.

The Met Office said 46mm of rain has so far fallen in Greater London, which usually sees 53mm in the whole of August.

West Sussex has seen 98 per cent of its average rainfall for the month.

But the end of the month could be more promising for picnics and beach trips, as some areas of the south west could see soaring temperatures as high as 27C on Sunday 22 August.