Weather forecast: Whats the weather doing this half-term?

Lets see what the weather is doing over half term next week.

<p>Fun doesn't have to be expensive: Free activities for October half term</p>

Fun doesn't have to be expensive: Free activities for October half term

Manchester schools are set to break up today (October 22nd) for October half-term.

Half-term is an entire week off school for kids, and for parents it’s an entire week of finding things for the kids to do.

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Having nice weather, and some place for the kids to go run outside can be budget friendly, a quick fix when they ask for screens and a great way to tire them out.

Lets see what the weather is set to do for the next week.

Tonight (October 22)

Expect a dry evening for most posts with the odd shower throughout the west. The temperature will drop as low as 5°C.


We’re set to have a nice start to the day with the odd shower turning up later one. Winds will start to pick up later in the day with light rain. The maximum temperature will be 14°C.

Sunday to Tuesday

Sunshine accompanied outbreaks of rain throughout most of Sunday and Monday. Though temperatures will feel warmer in sunshine.

Tuesday will remain breezy with some isolated showers.

Wednesday to Sunday

Through the first few days of the week Atlantic systems will continue to move in from the west with heavy rain and strong gale force winds.

Temperatures will be average or just above for most of this time.

The rest of October will continue to see unsettled weather with more wind and potential for outbreaks of heavy rain.

West and Northwestern areas will experience the most rain with brief dry periods. Driest places will likely be across the south and southeastern areas.