Antwerp Mansion: Manchester’s most haunted location?

We visited Antwerp Mansion to find out what more about the property and the spooky encounters said to have happened there.

Antwerp Mansion in Rusholme is said to be haunted by several ghosts. Built in 1840, the historic Victorian property sits behind the curry mile in Rusholme and has never been uninhabited, despite these spooky claims.

The building was most famously known as a nightclub from 1922 until 2018 when it was shut down by the council.

There have always been rumours the Gothic building is haunted, with stories of strange noises, a sensation something is watching, and a rocking chair which moves by itself.

And after it closed as a club, current residents of the property have set up businesses to provide ghost tours, and hang art installations.

Evie, who lives on part of the site with her partner and child, said: “I think if you’re interested in spooky goings-on, you’ve always got reasons to come here. It doesn’t have to be about Halloween.

“Halloween is when most people think of spooky goings-on, it’s when they’re looking for it, it’s when people are most aware of what they might encounter. But it’s here all the time. You can come any time and find something spooky.”

For more information on Antwerp Mansion see its website here.