Manchester’s least-deprived area is Castlefield and Deansgate, where 72.9% of households are not deprived. This is also the highest ranking of any area in England. Photo: Marketing Manchester

The least deprived area in each part of Greater Manchester, according to the 2021 Census

The data has also shown that England’s least-deprived area is in Manchester, and the city-region has another entry in the England-wide top 10.

The least deprived areas across Greater Manchester have been shown by the latest results from the 2021 Census - and has also revealed that England’s least-deprived neighbourhood is in the city-region.

As part of the 2021 census, households in England and Wales were classified in terms of four different "dimensions of deprivation”. Households were considered to be deprived if they met one of the four following criteria:

Households were not considered to be deprived if they didn’t meet any of these criteria.

We’ve taken a look at which area of each of the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester is the least deprived. It showed that Manchester’s least-deprived area, Castlefield and Deansgate, is also the area with least deprivation in the whole of England, with almost three in four households (72.9% to be exact) meeting none of the four criteria above.

Hale Barns, the area of Trafford with the least deprivation, was also in the top 10 neighbourhoods of England, coming in ninth.

The data divides local authorities into what are called Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs), which divide the country up into areas with populations between 5,000 and 7,200 for purposes of statistical analysis and comparison.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said deprivation is a "complex topic", adding that more detailed information would come in future releases.

  • Employment: if any member of the household, who is not a full-time student, is either unemployed or long-term sick
  • Education: if no person in the household has at least five or more GCSE passes or equivalent and no-one aged 16 to 18 years is a full-time student
  • Health and disability: if anyone in the household is in bad or very bad health or is disabled
  • Housing: if the home is either overcrowded, in a shared dwelling or has no central heating
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