The 9 places in and around Manchester where you're most likely to hear a 'proper' Manc accent

From the birthplace of Oasis to the city's iconic Coronation Street - there were plenty of opinions.

Accents - we’ve all got them, and by and large, we’re all ruddy proud of them. 

Around Manchester, the ‘Manc’ accent varies wildly. So, at the risk of starting a riot, we asked on our Facebook page where you’re most likely to hear a ‘proper’ Manc accent. 

There were plenty of opinions and while there was some sensible debate, you lot had a laugh too, with “Benidorm” among the responses we got. 

One person said: “It’s Central North and Central East Manchester. The South is too posh to be fully Manc and Salford is too over the top scall. Now let's all have a fight about it.”

With that in mind, here’s the other suggestions we got.