Taxi drivers stage Clean Air Zone protest in Manchester city centre

We spoke to taxi drivers who took part in the protest against Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Zone.

Taxi and private hire vehicles descended on Manchester city centre as part of a large protest against the city-region’s Clean Air Zone plans.

The roll-out of the environmental scheme is currently being reviewed in the wake of a public and business backlash.

The large protest group, which was co-ordinated by the National Private Hire and Taxi Association, started at the Etihad Stadium and made its way into the centre of Manchester on Oxford Road.

Protesters says the Clean Air Zone, which is designed to reduce air pollution levels, will have a considerable impact on businesses across Greater Manchester with charges proposed for non-compatible vehicles.

Signs for the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone in Wigan. Photo: Andrew Nowell/JPIMedia

It comes a day after Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham asked the government to delay the charges by up to five years, to allow more time for people to obtain compatible vehicles. He has also asked that all private-use leisure vehicles - such as motorhomes, camper-vans and horseboxes, as well as cars, motorbikes and mopeds - are permanently exempted from the Clean Air Zone

We asked some of the taxi drivers and drivers of private hire vehicles at the protest their thoughts on the scheme.