Solar eclipse Manchester 2022: when is the partial solar eclipse and how to watch it in Manchester

A partial solar eclipse will turn the sun crescent shaped in the Manchester sky this week.

The Manchester sky will be treated toa rare celestial event this Tuesday. A partial solar eclipse will occur in the sky, throwing shade over the city.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, fully or partially blocking the view of the sun from Earth. The October partial eclipse can be seen from Europe, Northern Africa, Western Asia and on the plains of Western Siberia in Russia.

Solar eclipses are very rare celestial events, and this one occurs on Tuesday, October 25 between 10:06 AM and 11:48 AM, giving people in Manchester a total of 1 hour 43 minutes to watch the eclipse, predicted to cover around 25% of the sun’s surface. The next partial eclipse won’t be visible in the UK until March 29, 2025, and the next total eclipse will not be until 2090.

During the partial eclipse, the sun will appear crescent shaped on the Manchester sky, and will be visible from Earth without binoculars unless the sky is too cloudy. And viewers are urged to wear protective eyewear.

The Met Office forecast predicts a bright and breezy day, with sunny spells and the risk of a few showers, so those with the proper eye protection has a good chance of getting a good look at the eclipse. For those who want to watch the solar eclipse in a safer way, the Royal Observatory will be live streaming the event online on YouTube, giving viewers a chance to witness the event through a state-of-the-art telescope without risking eye damage.

A partial solar eclipse can be seen in the Manchester sky on Tuesday.

A spokesperson at the Royal Observatory said: “Watch the eclipse using the state-of-the-art Annie Maunder Astrographic Telescope housed at the Royal Observatory, and learn about the science of the Sun with Public Astronomy Officer Jake Foster. Coverage kicks off at 10.05am BST, so set your reminders and join us live on Facebook or YouTube!”