Salford Quays 2030 vision set out as neighbourhood expected to double in size

It includes a year-long cultural programme and new waterfront pavilion.

The people of Salford are to be put at the heart of the regeneration of the Quays as the city prepares for their next phase of their regeneration.

The blueprint, titled ‘Salford Quays: A New Vision 2030’, launched at The Lowry this week names five guiding principles for future development at the neighbourhood, with it expected to double in size over the next decade.

According to the document, there will be distinctive neighbourhood identities that meet the different needs of those who live, work and play in the Quays. A year-round cultural programme will showcase the city’s greatest artistic talents and the vision proposes a new all-weather pavilion by the waterfront for consideration over the next few years.

Salford mayor Paul Dennett

Paul Dennett, Salford City Mayor, said: “Media City is a great success and probably one of the best regeneration projects in Europe over recent times. 

“We have reached the point where we have reached the next iteration of phase two really.

“As the campus here at the BBC continues to expand, we need to ask what this means for the people who work here, visit here and live here and make this place their home.

“Obviously, it has been 30 years since the council embarked on this project, so I think it is only right that we revisit our next vision.

“For me it is about celebrating our past, we are a proud industrial city and we are now at the transition of seeing new industries for this city.

“Ultimately, this is about learning from our past, celebrating our past, understanding those struggles and the work that went on in our historic city of Salford and imbuing the regeneration of development that happens in this place with that sense of identity and history. 

“For me economic development is not something being done to people, it is about people shaping what we do here in the city and instilling a sense of ownership in where we are going.”

Mr Dennett was one of many speakers at the event on Tuesday who shared the same ambition for the city in a huge collaboration of agencies.

The vision commits to finding space for a new historic or cultural walking trail to tell the Quays’ unique story as one of Europe’s most successful regeneration projects so that its community feels better connected to our city’s roots and the people that made it.

Five guiding principles make up the basis for the overarching vision:

A place that puts people at the centre

A place that works for everyone

A place where creativity brings people together

A place that’s dedicated to wellbeing

A place that celebrates its past

Stephen Wild, Managing Director, Media City said: “MediaCity and Salford Quays is a unique destination and as a business, we have been committed to its regeneration for the last four decades. It is already a fantastic place – with homes, employment and learning opportunities, plenty of wide-open space and an unrivalled waterside leisure and cultural offering.

“We are excited to continue working in partnership to grow and develop the area, putting people at the centre of a collective, long-term vision to create even more sustainable and innovative places to live, work and visit.”