Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex in Manchester: What’s happening at the One Young World Summit

The One Young World Summit has arrived in the city. We went down to Manchester Central Convention Centre to hear from its founders and check out what’s happening during the event this week.

Young world leaders have gathered in Manchester this week for an annual event hoping to inspire people aged 18-30 to create global change.

The One Young World Summit is here at the Manchester Central Convention Complex from September 5-8 and young people from 190 nations have arrived to hear inspirational stories from young and senior leaders.

Co-founder David Jones said: “One of the big things is people often talk about “leaders of tomorrow” and I think the thing we’re obsessed with is that they’re not the leaders of tomorrow, they’re the leaders of today.

“When we did the first ever summit, the theory was that we have exceptional young leaders and then we did the first summit and we saw that it’s not just a theory, it’s real.”

Big names visiting the event later this week include Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

The event hopes to create a space for young people to come together and build connections and serve as a platform for young voices across the globe.

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