Police stop driver of supercar in Manchester city centre for going wrong way down one-way street

The intervention by officers drew plenty of attention after it was posted on social media.

Police officers in Manchester pulled over a Ferrari after the driver of the supercar was spotted breaking a number of motoring rules.

The scarlet supercar attracted the attention of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) after it was driven the wrong way down a one-way street.

Officers also noticed that it did not have any legal number plates displayed.

In a message on Twitter police said the driver already had nine points on his licence and was being reported to court, meaning he could end up with a ban from the road.

The officers quipped on social media that they normally police buses and trams rather than bright red performance cars but they would step into action “if you’re going to make it easy for us”.

The post attracted plenty of attention on Twitter, gaining more than 250 likes by lunchtime on Sunday (4 September).