Petrol stations open on Christmas Day in Manchester: Esso, Shell and BP, Asda and Morrisons opening times

Many amenities around Manchester will operate differently over Christmas, including petrol stations. ManchesterWorld has collected the information you need on petrol station opening times over the holidays.

As Christmas approaches and holiday travels with it, many of us are heading out on the road to visit family and friends. With most stores and other amenities in Manchester closed over the holidays, petrol stations might be the one place to get those final supplies, whether it is to fill up your car or to buy a coffee.

While petrol stations are widely known to be open earlier and later than most normal stores, Christmas does affect opening times and services at some brands. Most petrol station forecourts will remain open over the holidays, so getting a hold of petrol shouldn’t be too hard.

Petrol stations like Asda and Morrisons will see some services such as customer toilets and food and drinks closed. ManchesterWorld has collected the information you need about petrol station opening times over Christmas in Manchester.

Petrol station opening times in Manchester over Christmas


Most of Asda’s forecourts allow motorists to pay at the pump, and will therefore not be affected by the Christmas holidays. Most Asda stores will however be closed over the Christmas holidays which may affect some services at the petrol stations.


Most of BP’s petrol stations in Manchester are open 24 hours all year round, including over Christmas. Use the BP locator to check if your local petrol station is operating differently over the holidays.


Esso will keep a number of their petrol stations open over Christmas, but a number of services might be unavailable such as the store and customer toilets. Use the Esso locator to find out how your local petrol station is affected.


All Morrisons petrol station forecourts will remain open except for on Christmas Day (Sunday, December 25).


Shell has said most of their petrol stations will remain open over the holiday season, but that some services such as stores, customer toilets and car wash facilities may operate limited hours. Use the Shell petrol station locator to find out the latest information on your local station.


Tesco’s petrol station opening hours will be affected during the Christmas period. Please use the Tesco store locator to find the latest information about your local petrol station.