Cabins’ star Charlotte Taundry blames botox for her epic fail at the After Eight game

Charlotte Taundry, 30, from Ancoats, who starred on the ITV dating show, shared the self-deprecating clip of her efforts online.

A Manchester woman’s video of her unsuccessful attempt at playing ‘the After Eight’ game has gone viral - after the chocolate got stuck on her forehead due to a Botox procedure.

Charlotte Taundry, 30, found herself in a sticky situation while playing a family game on New Year’s Day - because she couldn’t move her face properly.

Charlotte had girlfriend Sarah Hutchinson, 27, in stitches as she attempted to play the After Eight game, which sees players place a mint thin on their head and attempt to get it into their mouth without using their hands.

Trainee dietician Charlotte, who met Sarah on ITV dating show The Cabins last year, can be seen pulling all manner of unusual facial expressions in an attempt to shift the chocolate.

Charlotte Taundry and Sarah Hutchinson. Credit: Sarah Hutchinson / SWNS

But it remains firmly on her forehead - which barely moves despite her best attempts.

Sarah and Charlotte’s family can be heard in the background laughing hysterically – and Charlotte herself wipes away tears of laughter.

Sarah, a personal trainer, said: “I was just creasing laughing. We both have botox. We can’t tell when we’re annoyed at each other - it’s great.

“But she was determined and stuck it on her head. I watched everyone else get it to their mouth - [while Charlotte] sat there squinting and squeezing her face.”

Charlotte Taundry laughs at her After Eight fail Credit: SWNS

Charlotte, who lives in Ancoats, added: “When that video filmed I’d already been doing it five minutes. It just wasn’t happening.

“I just kept thinking, ‘I look awful’ - pulling the most stupid facial expressions.

“But it was so funny, I had to do it. I was wiping my tears away I was laughing that much. Hopefully it give some people a laugh.”

The couple run a fitness company together called Soul and Courage.

Sarah Hutchinson and Charlotte Taundry met on The Cabins Credit: Sarah Hutchinson / SWNS