Northern Trains issue warning to fare evaders as UK Government's new £100 penalty fare comes into force

Northern has joined train operators across the country in enforcing the new penalty fare

Northern Trains has issued a warning to fare dodgers as a new UK government £100 penalty fair comes into force. Northern, which operates services in and around Manchester, joined operators across the country in implementing this from January 23.

Since 2005, the penalty fare has been just £20 – but it was felt by the industry that that figure was too low and was no longer an effective deterrent to would-be fare evaders. From now on, anyone caught travelling on-board one of the train operator’s 2,500 services a day without a valid ticket or ‘promise to pay’ notice will be issued with the penalty fare, which is reduced to £50 if paid within 21 days.

Money raised through penalty fares issued by Northern will, in-line with other revenue income streams, be re-invested in the rail industry to improve the service offered to all customers. The £100 penalty fare forms part of The Railways (Penalty Fares) (Amendment) Regulations 2022.

Mark Powles, commercial and customer director at Northern, said: “The overwhelming majority of our customers – upwards of 95% - do the right thing and buy a ticket before they board one of our services.

“However, fare dodgers will find themselves having to dig deep if they continue to try and travel without buying a ticket. The £100 penalty fare is a government initiative that Northern and other train operators in England will begin to enforce from today (Jan 23).

Northern will be enforcing new penalty fine

“With more ways than ever before to buy a ticket – be it online, through an app, at a self-service machine or ticket office – there really is no excuse. It is, however, totally avoidable for everyone who travels responsibly on our network.”