Manchester cricket club where a samurai sword, an axe and knuckledusters were found loses its licence

Two people are set to face a court while a third remains under investigation.

Two people have been charged by police following a raid on a cricket club which has had its licence revoked.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) raided Burnage Cricket Club in Manchester on Friday 5 August and found weapons including a samurai sword, an axe and knuckledusters.

A quantity of drugs and a banned breed of dog were also taken away from the premises by police.

Police have now spoken about its investigation and revealed that action has also been taken against the venue.

What is happening with Burnage Cricket Club?

Burnage Cricket Club has had its licence to sell alcohol revoked with immediate effect following a hearing on Wednesday 31 August, police have said.

In addition two of the people who were arrested have been charged with offences.

James Todd, 18, of Heathside Road in Manchester, has been charged with possession of cannabis and has also been remanded in custody on a separate matter for other offences.

Michael Mcmahon, 32, of Elsa Road in Manchester, has also been charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

Police have not said when Todd and Mcmahon will be in court.

The third person who was detained in the raid, who was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply, has been released under investigation by police.

GMP says civil action is also being taken in relation to the banned breed of dog that was seized from the cricket club. The owner has not received the animal back and will be required to attend a trial at the civil court.