Manchester Christmas Markets: ‘Winter Gardens has been the big surprise hit with visitors’

We heard from traders on Manchester’s Christmas Markets on how they’ve found their first week back - and how the Winter Gardens has proved a big hit with visitors at Piccadilly Gardens.

Just a week ago, Manchester’s city streets were brought to life with the arrival of the much anticipated Christmas Markets.

With a variety of streets and squares across the city now filled with the famous festive alpine huts, Manchester’s Christmas spokesman, Coun Pat Karney, revealed that the new site on Piccadilly Gardens, now known as the Winter Gardens, has attracted the most attention.

He said he’d received lots of positive emails and feedback on the new attraction already. “People have got all sorts of misconceptions of Piccadilly Gardens and the idea of an alpine village really has worked there,” he said.

Traders at the Christmas Markets also told ManchesterWorld they were thrilled to be back and had a very busy opening weekend.