Manchester boss at Great Influence surprises workers with free trip to Ibiza to see Calvin Harris as a reward

Stunned employees were captured on camera cheering with joy at the unusual work bonus.

A generous employer surprised his entire team with an all-paid trip to Ibiza and tickets to Calvin Harris residency as a reward after their best quarter ever.

Ashley Jones, 34, the founder of Great Influence, a personal branding start-up decided to surprise his team to celebrate the company’s performance in Quarter 2, their best since its founding in late 2018.

The company, which has its HQ in Paddock Street in Manchester, covered all costs including flights, lunches, dinner and entertainment spending £7,000 in total.

Ashley, who is from Manchester, said: “The team have worked so hard over the last few months and it felt like the right thing to do to show appreciation.

“I also believe it’s my responsibility that whilst they work here, we give them the best memories possible.”

Ashley Jones (R) telling his employees that he’s taking them to Ibiza as a reward for their hard work Credit: via SWNS

Ashley, who wanted to capture the moment on camera, had to lure the team into a meeting room and tell them they needed to attend a filmed workshop.

“I knew the team would question why we’re filming a meeting, so I had to convince the team into thinking we were doing a workshop.”

Footage of the announcement shows Ashley’s team ecstatic at the news as they can be seen yelling and cheering with joy.

Speaking about the trip, Ashley said: “I’ve never seen so much love for our company! It feels like the holiday created a memory for everyone that they’ll remember for a long time.

“Things like that are a bonus to what I think we give our team, which is a feeling like they are working on something they love, with people they love and a boss who values them and understands them.”

This is not the only bonus that the team have had, according to Ashley in the last two months they attended Parklife festival at Heaton Park and went to see Billie Eilish and Harry Styles.