I’m A Celeb winner and former Man City star Jill Scott plans on returning to job at Manchester coffee shop

From the jungle to Northenden  – here’s what former Lioness Jill Scott is up to after her victory in the jungle.

It’s been a busy few months for Lioness Jill Scott. She helped England win the Euros and has now been crowned Queen of the Jungle, but after all that excitement, the I’m a Celebrity winner will be returning to her Manchester coffee shop.

Jill retired from her 18-year football career this summer after helping England win the Euros and now owns Boxx2Boxx Coffee in Northenden with her fiancee Shelly Unitt.

Speaking to The Mirror following her triumph, Jill said: "I’ll definitely be going back in Boxx 2 Boxx.

“As soon as the Euros was over I went in because I like to thank them for the support, Shelly has been saying they’ve done hoodies and they’ve been buying them and we’ve given money to charity and they have wanted hot banana water.

"We have customers that have been so loyal to us and have kept the shop going running, especially through Covid so 100 per cent. Just like the Euros, I’m not going to change who I am. So it will be about getting round there and thanking everyone really."

And it’s not just her supporters back home in Manchester that she’s thanked. Jill was full of praise for her camp mates as she took her seat on the jungle throne.

She said during the show: “These guys were absolutely incredible, we were one big team. I don’t think there should be one winner. We couldn’t have got through it without all of us. We’ve all been winners of I’m a Celebrity 2022.”

Jill Scott and Shelly Unitt (Photo: BOXX2BOXX)

Jill told The Mirror: “At times, I just felt like I was camping with my friends and that was probably the best part about it really.

"I know I have been given the crown but for me the whole team were winners. Without Charlene, Scarlette, Sue making the food, without Seann and Baba making us laugh, Boy George waking us up with his singing. If I had been in there on my own I wouldn’t have survived."

Now that Jill has captured the hearts of the British public, some have speculated that lucrative TV deals and endorsements are on the cards. But in an interview with Good Morning Britain yesterday, the Queen of the Jungle said she has not got any long-term plans.

She said: “Once I retired, I should have really had a plan in place, so that’s how I landed in the jungle, so to speak.

“I just feel like, if you give everything, every single day, try to be a good person –  we’ll just what happens.”

In the short-term, however, her plans involve a pizza and a coffee.

She told The Mirror: “I just want a margarita pizza, to have some drinks and relax, I don’t want loads of alcohol, I’m not a big drinker.

“I had a coffee, Tim Tams and now I have got my tea. As long as I can have two red wines with the campmates and catch up with them properly and catch up with Shelly I will be happy.”

The ex-Manchester City player beat Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner and former health secretary Matt Hancock in the final, winning 57.66% of the 12 million votes cast during the final.