A view from above on 8 April 2022

Latest pictures: Albert Square work begins to take shape in Manchester city centre

The new-look Albert Square is beginning to take shape.

The new-look Albert Square is beginning to take shape.

Construction workers this week began resurfacing the area outside Manchester town hall, laying patterned paving around the William Gladstone statue.

High fences prevent pedestrians from seeing the work but these pictures - taken from Carlton House - show the progress being made on the site, which is set to finish in 2024.

Work on the square began in October 2021 and the first phase is already showing signs of completion – a whole two years ahead of schedule.

As part of the renovation, Albert Square will also be expanded and pedestrianised with only Princess Street open to traffic, aiming to make it safer and more accessible.

Outside the 140-year-old town hall – now almost entirely encased in scaffolding – stands a multi-storey complex of portable buildings housing the project’s headquarters. The Grade I listed landmark shut its doors in January 2018 for the planned six-year renewal project, forcing popular public events such the Christmas markets to relocate.

Surveys completed ahead of the reconstruction identified 20,000 items that needed attention.

The job list includes repairs to essential infrastructure such as heating, plumbing and ventilation, as well as renovation of the building’s mosaics, stained-glass windows and other historic features. Manchester City Council has been contacted for further comment.

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