How the cost of living crisis has impacted spending on takeaways in Manchester

We asked people in Manchester their views on ordering takeaways and little luxuries during the cost-of-living crisis.

The cost of living crisis has been affecting people’s spending habits as they struggle to save for rising fuel and energy prices.

Takeaways and treats are little luxuries many are choosing to stop purchasing in favour of using the money saved on bills and essentials.

However, data collected by Chopstix Noodle Bar suggests some are continuing to buy takeaways despite the cost of living crisis, as half of the 2,000 people surveyed admitted to spending an average of £30 a week on them.

In the North West, an average spend of £720 a year on takeaways was calculated in the survey.

Although many are still buying these “essential luxuries”, others are feeling the brunt of soaring rents and mortgages and energy bills which are higher than ever before.

We spoke to people in Manchester to find out if they are “keeping their treats” despite these rising costs.