Heatwave Manchester May 2022: when is nine-day mini heatwave coming, and what is Met Office weather forecast?

Will a heatwave be hitting Manchester anytime soon?

Warm weather is on its way, and a rise in temperatures later this month has been suggested could create heatwave-like temperatures in areas of the UK.

With temperatures set to rise, here’s all you need to know about what this means for Manchester, whether or not the city will be hit by any potential heatwave, and what the UK long range forecast suggests is in store.

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When would any potential heatwave be felt in the UK?

Some reports have suggested that a nine day heatwave could be on the cards for the UK, and that this would be felt in the middle of May with temperatures starting to rise as early as this coming weekend.

A sunny day in Manchester

What is the long range UK weather forecast?

The temperatures forecast for Manchester suggest that a heatwave is not on its way imminently though there have been some muggy conditions.

The Met Office also provides a long range forecast for the UK.

Below is the forecast between 10 and 19 May:

Largely cloudy across much of the northwest of the UK, with a few showers, the odd one of which may turn heavier.

However, some brighter or sunny spells are also possible at times. Largely fine and dry for southern and eastern areas with some sunny spells and feeling rather warm to very warm at times.

Areas of low cloud and fog are still possible around some coasts, most likely in the south and west, where it may feel cooler. Windy across the north, with temperatures here remaining close to average, but winds light or moderate elsewhere.

Towards the end of the period, a general change to lower pressure - especially across the north - may bring more unsettled conditions with spells of rain or showers for most.

What defines a heatwave?

The Met Office says that certain criteria must be met for a spell of hot weather to be classed as a heatwave.

According to the Met Office, A heatwave is defined by reaching a specific temperature threshold on three consecutive days. The threshold for a heatwave temperature differs by county, with some areas in the southeast having a threshold of 28C, while areas to the north and west have a threshold of 25°C.