Four arrested after Extinction Rebellion blockade of Amazon site in Manchester in Black Friday protests

The group is protesting against what it calls the online retail behemoth’s ‘exploitative’ and ‘environmentally-destructive’ business model.

Four people have been arrested after Extinction Rebellion (XR) blockaded an Amazon fulfilment centre in Manchester as part of Black Friday protests taking part across the UK on Friday.

Activists carried out the protests at 13 sites across the country, including the one in Altrincham, on Friday morning.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed four arrests had been made and the road has since been reopened.

Extinction Rebellion were blockading 13 Amazon sites across the UK.

What has happened in Manchester?

XR activists blockaded the warehouse on Sun Bank Lane in Altrincham for several hours on Friday morning.


After the protest came to an end, GMP released a statement.

A spokesperson for the force said: “Police were aware of a protest in Manchester which was preventing access to a warehouse.

“Officers attended to maintain safety whilst facilitating the right to peaceful protest.

“Four people - two men and two women - were arrested on suspicion of public nuisance. They remain in custody for questioning.

“The protest has since concluded and Sun Bank Lane has re-opened.”

Why is XR carrying out the Amazon protest at different sites?


XR has explained why it has chosen to disrupt the activities of the retail giant on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

A national XR spokesperson said: “The action is intended to draw attention to Amazon’s exploitative and environmentally destructive business practices, disregard for workers’ rights in the name of company profits, as well as the wastefulness of Black Friday.

“The blockade is part of an international action by XR targeting 15 Amazon fulfilment centres in the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands, aimed at highlighting Amazon’s ‘crimes’.

“This is happening in solidarity with activists and workers from the global Make Amazon Pay campaign, demanding better working conditions, clear environmental commitments, and for Amazon to pay their fair share of tax.”

Protesters at an Amazon site.

Amazon could not be reached for a comment.