Bachelor Muhammad Malik’s giant billboard adverts in Manchester to find a wife get him 1,000 offers

Muhammad Malik has had over 1,000 women worldwide contact him, offering to date him after the unusual stunt.

A bachelor who has put up billboard posters in three cities in a bid to find a wife has been flooded with more than 1,000 requests from women who want to date him.

Muhammad Malik , 29, put posters up in Manchester, London, and Birmingham, where he desperately asks women to ‘save me from an arranged marriage.’

He revealed he has not yet got any dates lined up - but plans to sit down and scroll through all the requests in the next few days.

Muhammad, a consultant who also runs spirituality workshops, said: “The reaction from all over the country and the world has just been amazing.

“People have said I’m very gutsy and innovative and that I’m putting myself out there. Someone even got in touch from Nigeria.

One of the billboards by Muhammad Malik Credit: SWNS


“The idea came to me in the autumn, a few months before New Year. A few of my mates suggested the idea to me and then one day, when I was very tired from working a lot, I decided just to do it.

“I was just like ‘do I have the time to go out and mingle?’ I wanted to just put myself out there.

“At least 1,000 women have messaged me through the website and thousands more have got in touch through social media.

“I have only looked a few people’s messages properly so far. I am going to sit down soon and look through the lot. I haven’t got any dates lined up.

“The last time I was seeing someone properly, to the stage where you would meet the parents and everything, was before the pandemic.

One of the billboards by Muhammad Malik Credsit: SWNS


“In the second lockdown I have started looking more seriously but have had no luck so far.

“Doing something like this is just part of my personality. I thought what is the worst that can happen? Why not give it a shot?

“I am not against arranged marriages and I want to be very clear about that. I am looking for a wife and not a relationship that won’t last.

“I am a Muslim and Muslims do not date, we marry. They go straight in. As soon as you establish compatibility with someone you go for it.”