Alfie’s Island: inside Manchester’s newest dog cafe with its own beach inside

Take a look inside Manchester’s new dog friendly cafe Alfie’s Island cafe on the Manor Farm complex.

A dog cafe has opened near Altrincham, allowing customers with or without four-legged friends to visit and get some canine attention.

Alfie’s Island cafe on the Manor Farm complex in Timperley opened earlier this year and is open to all members of the public for a beach-themed experience with American-style food, drinks and pup-cuddles.

Its founder Tony Golden said: “I started thinking about the four things I love. So I love great music, I love hanging out at the beach, I love good food, and I love hanging out with dogs.

“It was more or less just me taking what’s in my brain and makes me happy and putting it into my work life as much as it is in my social life to see what would happen, and it’s a big hit.”

We visited the site to learn more about the cafe and meet the dogs for ourselves.