When is May half term break 2022 in Manchester? School holiday dates - and when are May bank holidays UK

The May half term holiday starts later this week

Despite coming to the end of a two-week break, a half-term break of the summer term is just around the corner, and will happen at the end of May as pupils in Manchester enjoy a May half term break.

School children in Manchester have a mid-term break to look forward to after they return to classrooms after the Easter break.

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Pupils up and down the country have just finished the spring term, and are currently enjoying a two-week break before they head back to school for the summer term.

The Easter bank holiday weekend is the first bank holiday in the country since January 3, 2022.

But, fear not, as you will not have to wait over three-and-a-half months for the next bank holiday, as it is just around the corner.

When is the May half-term break in Manchester?

Pupils at schools in Manchester break up for the May half-term holiday on Friday, May 27 2022, and return to school ten days later, on June 6, 2022.

It will signal the mid-way point of the term that pupils are only days away from beginning, the summer term, which is the final term of the school year.

It is the last scheduled term time break in the school calendar before the long six-week break pupils have off to signal the end of the current school year.

Pupils are currently in the latter stages of their Easter holidays in Manchester, and are due to go back to the classroom on Tuesday, April 19.

When is the May bank holiday?

The next bank holiday in the UK after Easter Monday is only weeks away.

After the early May bank holiday, the next one is just around the corner, with people set to enjoy another four day weekend at the start of June, for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The two bank holidays fall on Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3 2022.

Unfortunately, people will have to wait a fairly long time for the next bank holiday in England. After having three bank holidays in about one-and-a-half months, we will have to wait until August for the next bank holiday, which falls on Monday, August 29 2022.

When do pupils break up for the summer holidays?

After the last scheduled term time break ending on June 6, 2022, pupils return to school for about six weeks, before breaking up for school for the summer holidays, which is a long six week break that signifies the end of the school year.

For the summer break in Manchester, pupils break up for the summer holidays on Wednesday, July 27 2022, according to the official Manchester Council Website.

Pupils in year 7, for example, will next return to school as a year 8 student, and so on.

When does the 2022/2023 school year begin?

The Manchester Council website indicates that the new school year begins on Thursday, September 1 2022.

Pupils will be in school for around six weeks, before the October half-term rolls around on October 21, 2022.