Supermoon August 2022: When is the next supermoon - how to see the Sturgeon moon in Manchester

This supermoon gets its name from the Native Americans and is the fourth supermoon of the year

The next supermoon of the year will be visible across the UK, including in Manchester, this evening.

This will be the last supermoon of the year, so it may be something keen astrologers don’t want to miss.

Here’s what you need to know about the supermoon, and also what the weather will be like in Manchester for the hours the moon will be at its brightest.

What is a Supermoon?

A supermoon is, according to the Natural History Museum, when a full Moon occurs at the closest point to Earth during its orbit. It appears larger and brighter than a regular full Moon.

A supermoon is widely recorded as being much larger and far brighter than the Moon on any other night - and there’s an easy explanation for it.

Does this Supermoon have a name?

Supermoons often have nicknames, and this one is no different.

It is named the Sturgeon Supermoon, and this name can be traced back to American roots.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the moon got this name from the Native Americans and their reliance on sturgeon fish.

The giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this part of summer.

How many supermoons are there?

Throughout the year, there are four supermoons - the first of which takes place around May.

Flower, Strawberry and Buck were the previous three supermoons this year. The dates of these are listed below:

  • Flower - 16 May
  • Strawberry - 14 June
  • Buck - 13 July

Will I be able to see the Sturgeon moon in Manchester?

As long as the weather remains clear, it should be possible to see the supermoon on Thursday night into Friday morning.

It will be at its biggest and brightest at around 2.36am on Friday, 12 August.

What is the Met Office forecast for Thursday night/ Friday morning in Manchester?

The weather forecast is relatively important when it comes to star gazing, moon spotting and other lunar-related activities.

The supermoon this week will be showing itself during a time where large areas of England, including Manchester, will be enduring an amber Met Office warning for extreme heat.

The days will be sunny and clear and on Thursday night into Friday morning there will be no cloud around whatsoever - making for great moon gazing conditions.

Below is the Met Office summary for the weather on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 August as well as into the weekend.


Staying dry with plenty of sunshine. Feeling hot again in the light winds, but a little fresher at the coast. Maximum temperature 31 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Staying mostly sunny on Friday and into the weekend and turning increasingly hot. Feeling a little more humid over the weekend, with the potential for a few showers on Sunday.

What is the Full Moon Calendar for the rest of 2022?

  • Sturgeon Moon - 12 August 2:36am
  • Corn/Harvest Moon - 10 September 10:59am
  • Hunter’s Moon - 9 October 9:55pm
  • Beaver Moon - 8 November 11:02am
  • Cold Moon - 8 December 4:08am