Manchester ranks third most popular among millennials ‘settling down’ according to data

Manchester comes at number 3 when CompareTheMarket looked at where Brits prefer to ‘settle down’.

New research places Manchester among the favourite places to live for Brits planning on ‘settling down’. The life insurance team at CompareTheMarket have crunched the numbers on where people live during big life moments, looking specifically at millennials aged between 28-37 in the ‘settling down’ stage of life.

Scotland’s main cities are topping the list, with 19.57 percent of inhabitants between the ages of 28 and 37 in Glasgow, closely followed by Edinburgh with 19.33 percent. Placing third is Manchester, with 19.05 percent of the population in their ‘settling down-era’ in life.

To come up with the numbers, the researchers analysed 70 of the UKs most and least populated areas, and looked at age groups like millennials settling down with a partner, and people over 68 who have retired.

The average age of women giving birth in the UK is 31, and the average age at which Brits get married is 37, meaning a lot of big life changes happen between the ages 28 and 37. And while millennials are settling down, statistics show that Manchester remains the most popular city in England for the age group.

The research also shows that Wigan in Greater Manchester is one of the places where people are least likely to leave, with 97.21 percent of the population choosing to stay in 2020. Coming in at number two when looking at areas with the largest population, predicted retention in the former mining city is 96.61 percent. Oldham, Stockport and Bolton also make the top ten, coming in at 8, 9 and 10.

Greater Manchester is however not an area popular among retired people. Topping the list is coastal town Scarborough, where 23.43 percent of the population were aged 68 or higher.

Top 10 cities for ‘settling down’ Brits

The list shows the percentage of the population between the ‘settling down’ ages of 28 and 37:

Manchester is the third most popular city to live in for the age group 28 to 37.
Manchester is the third most popular city to live in for the age group 28 to 37.
Manchester is the third most popular city to live in for the age group 28 to 37.
  1. Glasgow - 19.57%

  2. Edinburgh - 19.33%

  3. Manchester 19.01%

  4. Bristol - 18.25%

  5. Salford - 17.42%

  6. Coventry - 16.96%

  7. Liverpool - 16.20%

  8. City of London - 15.91%

  9. Watford - 15.84%

  10. Crawley - 15.33%