Manchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts, USA Credit: thomas - stock.adobe.comManchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts, USA Credit: thomas -
Manchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts, USA Credit: thomas -

8 places called Manchester around the world including in the USA, Bolivia and Jamaica

From Manchester-by-the-Sea to Manchester in Bolivia, there are numerous places around the world which share the name - and all look very different to the UK city.

We’re not the only people to call Manchester home, as the city shares its name with an impressive array of towns, villages, hamlets and counties around the world.

And as this selection of different Manchesters we have pulled together shows, some of them are really very different to life in the North West of England.

A whole host of places across North and South America have been given the name Manchester for a wide array of reasons, including people admiring its position at the forefront in the Industrial Revolution or paying tribute to local nobility who had governing roles.

Some of them might be quite familiar - Manchester in New Hampshire crops up on the news every time the US starts the job of selecting its next president - while others, like the Bolivian village in the middle of lush rainforest only reachable by a multi-day trip up a river, are almost certainly not. If you’re interested in this subject, you might also want to try to track down a copy of Roy Cookson’s book A World of Manchesters.

Here are eight places which share our city’s name in very different locations.

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