Jarvis Cocker and Pulp 2023 reunion tour: Manchester venues with potential to host eagerly awaited return

Some of the bands members have confirmed a comeback is on the cards

Iconic Britpop band Pulp are set to return in 2023 with a series of reunion shows.

The news was confirmed by both founder Jarvis Cocker and then drummer Nick Banks, who added that news of tour dates could be coming soon.

Here, we take a look at the band, when and why they split up, and where in Manchester could host the much anticipated return.

What have the band members said about a possible reunion?

Frontman Cocker told fans at a Q&A for his memoirs that the band would be getting back together in 2023.

Drummer Nick Banks posted on Twitter on 25 July to say fans could expect details to be revealed ‘as and when’.


He said: “Hey folks, unsurprisingly it’s all gone a bit mental on here. Gig details will be revealed as and when.

“Stay calm, hug your Pulp records and dream of going mental sometime in 2023.”

Where could Pulp perform in Manchester?

Pulp were and likely still would be, after a reunion, a hugely successful touring band. With this in mind, a potential venue in Manchester would have to be large enough to hold at least several thousand fans who have waited a decade to see.

This would rule out the smaller venues around the city, and would mean that a likely venue would be the AO Arena or, if the gig was in the warmer weather, either the Etihad Stadium or Old Trafford.

A further outdoor venue that could be considered is Old Trafford Cricket Ground


When did Pulp last play in Manchester?

It’s been a long time since Pulp last played in Manchester, in fact it has been over 20 years.

Not since 25 November 2001 have Pulp performed anywhere in Manchester, and this was at the Apollo.

Below is the setlist from this gig, you could expect several of these tracks to be played should Pulp return to Manchester next year.

  • Weeds
  • The Night That Minnie Timperley Died
  • The Birds in Your Garden
  • Something Changed
  • Laughing Boy
  • Live Bed Show(Extended Outro)
  • F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E.(Reworked)
  • Bad Cover Version
  • The Trees
  • I Love Life
  • This Is Hardcore
  • Sunrise
  • Sorted for E’s & Wizz
  • Encore:
  • Babies
  • Underwear


Why did Pulp split up?

Pulp have in their 40 year history split up on two separate occasions, with the first being in 1997.

Guitarist Russel Senior left the band in 1996, saying that ‘it was no longer creatively rewarding’ to be in the band anymore.

A period of relative quiet from the band culminated in a show in Rotherham being their last show before a nine year hiatus from the music scene.

The band returned for a short reunion but this came to an end in early 2013, and the band haven’t played a live show since.


Who are Pulp?

Pulp are a Britpop band who were formed in Sheffield in 1978.

Their perhaps best known lineup from the period of 1992-1997 was Jarvis Cocker (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Russell Senior (guitar, violin), Candida Doyle (keyboards), Nick Banks (drums, percussion), Steve Mackey (bass) and Mark Webber (guitar, keyboards)