The surprising Manchester Wetherspoons prices as we compare cost of a humble pint across the city

Here are the prices of a pint at some of the Wetherpoons in and around Manchester city centre.

Wetherspoons is a British institution. We’ve all been to one, either willingly or begrudgingly, and however you feel about the budget boozer, it’s hard to turn your nose up at a cheap pint. 

But it seems when it comes to the price of a pint, some Wetherspoons are cheaper than others. Pantry and Larder have put together an interactive map of all the Wetherspoons in the country, using a pint of Carling as the comparison point. 

According to this map, prices in the UK range from £2.18 all the way to around £5.99.

We’ve compared the prices at 11 Manchester Wetherspoon pubs in and around the city centre. Here they are, ordered from cheapest to most expensive.