Hostels in Manchester: cheap accommodation for your stay- including YHA Manchester

Manchester has been named as one of the best cities in the UK for hostels- so we’ve taken a look at some of your options 

Travel experts at SkyParkSecure have carried out a study to identify the best UK cities for hostels. Manchester comes in within the top 10, meaning it has plenty of good and affordable options for people to stay. 

The list of hostel-friendly cities was compiled using aspects such as the highest number of hostels, hostels with the best amenities and the highest number of four-star hostels. The information has also been compiled to show that hostels aren’t just for backpackers. 

SkyParkSecure wants to show holiday-goers that whilst hostels can be a great budget destination, they’re also great options for families, digital nomads and party people. Looking at TripAdvisor’s most popular and trending destination for 2023, we ranked each on several factors, such as how many ‘budget hostels’ they had, how many hostels had free WiFi  and how many had bars and lounges.

Each city was given a rating out of 110 and Manchester recorded a 26.7 rating. This put it slightly behind London and Cardiff . 

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