Manchester’s nosey neighbours: how we’re snooping on what pals paid for their homes

Many Mancunians admit to checking out the homes of friends, neighbours - and even their bosses - online.

As well as being a nation who is keen to see how much their home is worth, it seems that the majority of us are just as interested in other people’s property too.

According to new research by Zoopla, the majority (73%) of people in Manchester admit to finding out what friends, family, neighbours and even their boss paid for their home.

Of the people in Manchester who look up what others have paid for their home, over a quarter (26%) claim that they do this regularly. Despite the popularity in Manchester of researching the property values of others, 64% of residents in the city said they would never admit to the owner that they’d researched their home’s value.

Whilst just half (48%) of people surveyed believe it is fine to simply ask someone what they paid for their home, Zoopla’s My Home experience enables users in Manchester to find out a home’s estimated value and what was paid for it.