We tried Manchester’s most unusual alternative Christmas dinner where sprouts are the best bit

Sprout bhajis, a new festive daal, Biriyani balls and gingerbread beer are also on the new Bundobust Christmas menu in Manchester.

Love or hate sprouts, they are almost impossible to avoid at this time of year. The little green veg see a huge spike in sales around Christmas as people snap them up to add to their dinners on the big day - but typically, while half the family gobble them down, there are plenty left behind languishing on plates as their slightly bitter, cabbage-like flavour isn’t to everyone’s palate.

But how about a burger made from sprout bhajis? We visited popular Indian eatery, Bundobust, in Manchester city centre to try out their new Christmas menu - which also features a new festive daal, biriyani balls and gingerbread beer - to find out if sprouts can be made tasty after all, for our video review.