Climat: new chic rooftop restaurant opening in Manchester city centre at Blackfriars House

The 100-seat restaurant is promising to bring contemporary Parisian style to Manchester and is being run by the team behind a celebrated Chester eatery.

A new rooftop restaurant is promising to bring a slice of contemporary Parisian style to Manchester city centre - and diners who want to try it out don’t have long to wait.

Climat is set to open in early December at the top of Blackfriars House. The 100-table restaurant is the latest venture from the team behind a celebrated dining establishment in Chester and its menu will be rooted in British and French cooking while bringing in influences from around the world. Here’s what you need to know about the new restaurant, when it will be welcoming customers through the doors and what you can expect if you book.

What is Climat, when is it open and what is the menu like?

Climat is a rooftop restaurant located in Blackfriars House in Parsonage Gardens close to the River Irwell. It will have 100 tables and will open to the public on 5 December. The team behind it are promising stunning panoramic views of the city.

Opening hours will be 5pm to 11pm on Monday and 12pm to 3pm and then 5pm to 11pm Tuesday to Saturday, with snacks available in between the kitchen’s opening times. On Sundays Climat will be open 12pm to 8pm, with the bar staying open until 10pm. Reservations can be made now at the Climat website.

The restaurant is the latest venture by Chester’s celebrated Covino, which is in the Michelin Guide, and is promising casual dining, an ever-changing menu and what it describes as ”contemporary Parisian-style” aesthetics. The food can be washed down with a selection from an impressive list of more than 250 wines.

Climat is promising panoramic views of Manchester from its rooftop location

The menu is being developed by Luke Richardson, executive chef at both Covino and Climat, and head chef Simon Ulph. Luke is describing the style as “Parisian expat food”, which means plenty of influence from the French capital, modern British cooking and flavours and ingredients from all around the globe. There will be a small selection of snacks, larger plates and some feasting-sized dishes suitable for three or more hungry people to tuck into.

Visitors to Climat can expect large plates of turbot or lamb shoulder, Middle White pork loins, mutton koftas and sharer plats of ex-dairy cuts on-the-bone. The restaurant is also putting vol-au-vents as a staple item on the menu. The snack menu will contain items including fresh malted loaves, seasonal oysters, fried swede and charcuterie.

The name Climat comes from the term used to describe a single vineyard site in Burgundy, which has its own microclimate and specific geological conditions. The famed wine-growing region is France is where 40% of the restaurant’s extensive wine list comes from.

What has been said about the opening of Climat?

Christopher Laidler, owner of Climat, said: “After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (mostly my own), I couldn’t be happier that we’re one step closer to bringing Climat to life with the menu and wine list already things I’m immensely proud of.

“Climat is essentially going to be a place for guests to share our passion for really good food and drink in a relaxed rooftop setting with what I think is one of the best views of Manchester’s skyline.

“We’re well on the way to achieving this; from the look and feel of the restaurant coming together, to the exciting daily changing menu ideas and informal but quietly-knowledgeable style of service we have planned.”

Climat is putting the vol-au-vent on its menu as a signature snack dish

Exec chef Luke Richardson said: “We want to have a different signature snack at each restaurant we open. Whilst Covino has the gougère, Climat will have the vol-au-vent. They can literally be stuffed with anything: beef tartare, parfait, truffle and ricotta to name just a few.

 “Both myself and Simon Ulph have worked closely together to develop an opening menu we are both super proud of and we think does justice to the building and the surroundings. We believe we offer something completely different to the Manchester restaurant scene and we now can’t wait to officially launch.”