Coca-Cola Christmas 2021 truck - Is it coming to Manchester?

The holidays are coming to Manchester but what about the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck?

The iconic red Coca-Cola truck is synonymous with Christmas.

Covid-19 put a stop to the Coca-Cola Christmas truck 2020 tour but with the festive period just around the corner, people all over Manchester will be hoping to catch a glimpse of the vehicle in 2021.

In 2019 the Coca-Cola Christmas truck arrived in Manchester where it spent two days at Asda Eastlands and an additional two days at the Trafford Centre.

What is the Coca-Cola Christmas lorry tour?

The tour started in 2010 and travels south from Scotland stopping at cities such as Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol before reaching its final destination, London, four weeks later in the middle of December.


The last year the tour was on was in 2019 and Coca-Cola donated 10 pence to charity for every can placed in their recycle bins throughout the tour.

What happens when people visit the Coca-Cola Christmas truck?

In 2019, those attending received 150ml Coca‑Cola zero.

When the truck stopped at an Asda and Sainsburys stores, people were able to visit the truck and purchase four 250ml glass bottles of Coca-Cola personalised with their name.

Will the Coca-Cola Christmas lorry be coming to Manchester in 2021?

An announcement is due in the coming weeks and according to industry sources there is a good chance the Coca Cola Christmas truck could be back on the roads for the first time since 2019.


Exact dates and time have yet to be confirmed.

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