Best dog friendly pubs and cafes to visit in Manchester according to Google Reviews

Manchester is welcoming to our four legged friends- and here are cafes and pubs you can visit with your dog

Going out and about with our four legged friends is something we all enjoy. Walking your dog around one of the many lovely parks or routes in Manchester can be a great way of spending time with your dog and getting some good exercise. 

Fortunately, plenty of establishments around the city are welcoming to walkers with four legs as well as two. Many cafes and bars welcome dogs- meaning you can take your pet to even more locations around the city. 

To help narrow down the search, we’ve rounded up some of the best rated pubs and cafes around the city when it comes to being dog friendly. From Ancoats to Picaddilly and beyond, Manchester is brimming with a quality chill out spot you can take your dog to.