Be Here Now 25th anniversary edition: when is special Oasis album on sale, price - and where can I buy it?

The album has sold millions of copies worldwide since it was first released

Legendary Manchester band Oasis’ third album ‘Be Here Now’ is set for a special anniversary relaunch to mark 25 years since its release.

This anniversary edition will be released later this year, to mark the launch date of one of the band’s most successful albums.

Here’s what we know about the special album, including when it will be on sale for fans, and a reminder of which iconic Oasis tracks are on this particular album.

When will the anniversary edition of ‘Be Here Now’ be released?

Fans of British rock band Oasis show their new album “Be Here Now”, 21 August 1997, in front of poster covered window of the HMV record store in London’s Oxford Street

The special edition of Oasis’ third album will be released on 19 August 2022, almost 25 years to the day that it was originally released.


How can I buy the album?

The limited edition album will be on sale through the official Oasis website.

New formats of the album include a double silver heavyweight vinyl LP, plus a double picture disc, cassette and merchandise bundles, exclusively available on the official store.

All orders from the official store will also include a replica of the original 1997 ‘Be Here Now’ Tour VIP sticky pass.

The album will also be made available through HMV and Amazon Music.

How much will the album cost?


According to the official Oasis website, the 25th anniversary picture disc is £30, the limited edition cassette is £10, and the cassette and picture disc combination is £35.

Also available is a picture disc and cassette combination which comes with a Calendar T-Shirt and a replica of original 1997 tour VIP sticky pass.

This will cost £60 when released next month.

The shirt is available in both burgundy and off-white.

The shirt can also be purchased in both colours as a single item, this will cost £25.

To browse the full range of ‘Be Here Now’ related merchandise, visit the official Oasis shop on their website.


Which tracks are on the album?

The original album had 12 tracks when it was first released, and all were written by Noel Gallagher.

The album includes the songs ‘D’You Know What I Mean’, ‘All Around The World’, and ‘Stand By Me’.

The full track list of the album is listed below.

  • D’You Know What I Mean?
  • My Big Mouth Magic Pie 
  • Stand by Me 
  • I Hope, I Think, I Know
  • The Girl in the Dirty Shirt
  • Fade In-Out
  • Don’t Go Away
  • Be Here Now 
  • All Around the World 
  • It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) All Around the World (Reprise)


When did the album come out?

‘Be Here Now’ was originally released on Thursday, 19 August 1997. It was Oasis’ third album.

It was highly anticipated, coming just three years after the band released their debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ (1994) and two years after second album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory (1995).

It was the biggest selling album of 1997 in the UK, with 1.47 million units sold that year. As of 2016, the album has sold eight million copies worldwide. It has been certified 6× Platinum in the UK and Platinum in the US, being Oasis’ third and final Platinum album in the country.

Recording of the album began on 7 October 1996 at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios in London.