6 influential Manchester creators to follow on TikTok in 2023

If you’re not Gen Z and haven’t quite got the hang of TikTok yet, here are some Manchester accounts to get you started.

Manchester has a wealth of talented people – athletes, musicians, artists, writers – many of whom have gone on to have international success in their respective fields.

However getting ahead these days is difficult if you don’t know how to navigate the vast and crazy world of social media. And for the upcoming generation of Mancunian creatives, the platform to be on now is TikTok. For those of you who are unfamiliar with how it all works, TikTok allows its users to create short, catchy videos that then appear on other users’ feeds in an endless scroll. Users can interact with the videos by commenting and liking, or even make their own videos in response. There is a corner of TikTok for everything – from banal to completely unhinged.

You can follow your favourite content creators, but the most fun to be had on the app is the For You page, where you are fed content from anywhere and everywhere based on your viewing habits, among other things. The less you know about how that algorithm works, the better.

If you are thinking about branching out into TikTok and don’t know where to start, here are a few Manchester-based accounts to keep your eye on.

Star Holroyd

Followers: 1.2M

Anyone who went to school in the UK in the 90s and early 2000s will find Star Holroyd’s content hilariously nostalgic or cringey, depending on how you look back on that period of your life.

Her comedy videos highlight the quirks of UK culture and very specific details of what it was like to be young at a time when MySpace was the only social media worth talking about – think school dinners before Jamie Oliver got involved, scene kid fashion from 2005 and even popular playground slang. Although TikTok is dominated by Gen Z, this one is definitely for the Millenials.

The Two Bohemians

Followers: 129.7K

Luke and Tyler, aka The Two Bohemians, are a couple of travel vloggers, who have recently settled in Manchester after documenting their escapades abroad in a camper van. They have managed to make a living out of their content, which is mainly shots of the exotic locations and #couplegoals, and are now inspiring others to do the same. Their website says that they “help people start successful online businesses, and ultimately help individuals make conscious decisions to better themselves and realise their true potential.”

Scruff of the Neck

Followers: 32.4K

If you’ve spent any time in the Northern Quarter, you may have seen record label and concert promoter Scruff of the Neck out on the streets quizzing the public about their music habits with questions on their favourite artists, festival tips and all-time favourite gigs.

Essentially, he is an edgily dressed hipster asking other edgily dressed hipsters about their edgy Spotify playlists in the edgiest part of town. But don’t let that put you off, it’s good fun if you follow Manchester’s music scene, want to keep up with gigs and concerts, or are just on the lookout for some new music recommendations.

Onyi Moss

Followers: 73.6K

Onyi Moss’ TikTok account is all about aesthetics. In her bio, she describes herself as a film director, which explains the high production value of her videos. In them, she films herself in high-end fashion, against glamorous backdrops filled with baroque mirrors and elegant flower arrangements, and quite often she’s also pouring herself a cup of tea into a bone china cup. If you idolise Coco Chanel and dream of a wardrobe filled with vintage couture, then this is one for you.

Only Scrans

Followers: 259.2K

The only way to describe this account – as the name suggests – is “food porn.” Only Scrans, aka Jono Yates, documents what he eats, whether that be at a restaurant or cooking at home, and shows people how to make simple but delicious dishes. He even turns plating up a Chinese takeaway into a work of art.

All of his creations are decadent and calorific, so it’s not a page to scroll through if you’re on a diet, but they are all very accessible, using ingredients available at local supermarkets – including potato smiley faces.

Esther Abrami

Followers: 380.9K

Esther Abrami is a violinist and former student of Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester. She went on to graduate from the prestigious Royal College of Music in London and now uses her platform to promote classical music. Her videos give followers a sneak peak into the life of a working musician, but also make use of popular TikTok trends and internet culture. For example, she recently recreated Wednesday Addams’ cello solo from the hit Netflix series on the violin.