Manchester’s Town Hall, built in 1877, is definitely the jewel in the city’s crown. It’s closed off to the public for refurbishments at the moment, but due to open to the public again in 2024. Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

13 truly iconic Manchester city centre buildings – old and new

Here’s our tribute to the ever-changing Manchester city centre skyline and its noteworthy buildings from across the ages.

The Manchester skyline is a melting pot of architectural styles that reflect the city’s long and diverse history.

You can find 19th century hotels next to towering skyscrapers, and black-and-white Tudor-style buildings just a stone’s throw away from glass-fronted office blocks. And while the city’s architectural tastes are constantly changing and evolving, there are certain buildings in the city centre that, no matter the era, will always be iconic.

Here is our celebration of the Manchester skyline, including new buildings, old buildings and some that have changed over the years.

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