12 brilliant independent music venues in Greater Manchester where acts got their first big break

Greater Manchester is a cradle of musical talent- and there are plenty of venues for up and coming acts to perform at.

Greater Manchester is known for its rich musical history, with some of the best musicians around coming from the region. Many of these started off in small, independent venues and have gone on to conquer the world. 

This process continues, and Greater Manchester continues to be an area which produces great musical talent. The Lathums from Wigan are one example of this and, if you look back a few years, you’ll spot Stockport’s finest Blossoms. 

As new musical acts continue to be produced in the region, they need places to ply their trade. Luckily, there are still plenty of great, intimate independent music venues which give these bands a chance to get their work heard. 

With Manchester being named the second best UK city for independent musicians to live in according to a new survey from iMusic, we’ve taken a look at the best venues for these musicians to play.