This popular Green Quarter pub next to one of Manchester’s most popular skate spots opened in 2016 and closed in 2021. The Sadler’s Cat bar now occupies this space. Credit: Google Street View

10 lost Manchester bars and pubs that we still miss

There are many Manchester pubs and bars that are gone but not forgotten despite closing down for good.

First it was coronavirus lockdowns, now the cost of living crisis and soaring energy prices are threatening the future of the city’s hospitality industry.

Last week, the Campaign for Real Ale, a pub and brewery consumer group, warned that if pubs were to increase prices at the same rate as energy prices, then the average pint could end up costing £15-20 – deterring customers and crippling the industry.

Some places have managed to stay afloat during these difficult times, but some have not been so lucky.

Here’s a reminder of just some of the city centre’s popular watering holes that have closed their doors in the last few years.

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