GCSE Results Day 2022: When will Manchester students receive their results, GCSE grading and how to appeal

An anxious wait for thousands of GCSE students in Manchester is almost at an end.

Results day 2022 is just around the corner, when pupils will find out how they have done in their exams.

It can be a day of mixed emotions, and it is one which signals the end of students’ time at secondary school.

Here’s what you need to know about when GCSE results day 2022 is, and information on how you can appeal results if you are unhappy.

When is GCSE results day 2022?

GCSE students in Manchester can find out their grades from 8am on Thursday, 25 August.

How have GCSE’s been marked this year?

It will be the first time since before the coronavirus pandemic that results will be based on public exams sat by students earlier this year.

This has led to predictions that results will be lower than in 2020 and 2021 when grades were decided through teacher assessment and not exams due to the pandemic.

However, leniency has been given to the grades due to the disruption caused by the pandemic - but grades are expected to be higher than those in 2019.

How are GCSE’s graded?

The GCSE grading system changed from letters to numbers in 2018, with an A* being replaced with the number one.

The equation from letters to numbers isn’t a straight swap, but the grading is outlined below.

Numbers seven to nine are equivalent to A and A*

Four, five and six are grades B and C.

A one to three grade is roughly equivalent to the old grades of D down to G.

Can I retake a GCSE exam?

Retakes for GCSE exams can be taken the following year. To start this process, you can get in touch with your school.

How to appeal a GCSE result

If you wish to challenge a GCSE result, you can request that the exam board review the marking of your exam entry.

The UK Government advises on how candidates can carry out the process of appealing GCSE grades in both private and state schools.

A spokesperson said: “If you’re a private candidate you can contact the exam board directly, or contact the school or college that submitted your exam entry.

“You may have to pay a fee if you ask for a review and your grade is not changed as a result. Check with your school or college before they contact the exam board.

“The exam board will check your work for marking mistakes. Your mark may change if they find any.

“If your mark changes your overall grade may also change. Your new grade could be higher or lower than the original.”

If you feel there has still been an error, you can ask your school to appeal the grade on your behalf.

The spokesperson added: “The exam board will then look at your work again and decide if your mark or grade needs correcting.

“If you think the exam board did not handle your appeal properly, you can request a review from Ofqual.”